The historic white schoolhouse is a landmark to everyone who lives in, or visits, the Bear Creek area. Local residents built the Bear Creek School House in 1909 to replace a smaller log school building erected by Amos Storey, some years earlier. Some of his descendants are active in the Cameron Community Club. The BCSH is still remarkably sound and, with some repairs and restoration, will be ready for the next phase of its life. It continues to play an important role in the life of our community.


    In 1942, the last classes were held in the schoolhouse, but it continued to serve as the community center. In 1956 the BCSH was sold to the Cameron Community Club (CCC) - which became a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization in 2009. The goal of the CCC was to take active ownership of the building and administer its use and upkeep. Restoration and upkeep began in earnest at that time (see Restoration).

    Neighborhood activities include an annual Christmas Party, March Cabin Fever Pinochle Parties and Country Dances. The building is also used by members of the community for other club meetings, art workshops, private parties and weddings. From time to time the schoolhouse is also as the site of ad-hoc community meetings about wildlife management and land-use proposals.

    As the economy of SW Montana develops and the population of Madison County grows, the role of the Bear Creek School House and the Cameron Community Club will be more vital than ever. As a very desirable area, we are welcoming new neighbors, as well as many friends from the whole valley.

    The Bear Creek School House and the Cameron Community Club provide the thread of continuity with the past, carrying on the tradition of neighborliness. Activities at the schoolhouse bring people together, allowing them to get to know each other and supporting a sense of community. The associations made here help neighbors to craft a common vision for the future.

    The BCSH is on the Montana National Register of Historic Places. For a more detailed description of the BCSH history and its relationship to the Cameron Community Club click HERE. When finished with the Register document, just exit it and you will return to this history page.


You can take a peak at what it used to be - from the beginning until now. Just click HERE to see past students and teachers in action.